How To Store Pigs In A Blanket

Do you have leftover pigs in a blanket after partying or hosting a gathering? Don’t throw them away. Store them instead!  Proper storage is key to having your favourite snack available in its best shape possible for a much later date. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to properly store pigs in a … Read more

How To Keep Pigs In A Blanket Warm

Pigs in a blanket are one of those classic food snacks that are best served hot — I can’t envisage any person wanting their little piggies plated cold with cold beverage.  But when you have a lot of batches already baked, and they’re getting cold pretty fast, what can you do to keep them warm … Read more

Pigs In A Blanket vs Kolache

Pigs in a blanket and Kolace are two popular snack foods with so much controversy over “what they mean” and what they CAN mean. Yet, attempts to try and discern, strictly, what makes up what and what can never be considered what, is met by serious criticism and backlash. Is it wrong to try and … Read more