What Ranch Do Restaurants Use?

We’ve all been there – you order a salad or a side of fries at your favorite restaurant, and they come with that irresistibly delicious ranch dressing.  It’s creamy, it’s tangy, it’s all you want!  It’s bursting with flavor from every bite, and that always leaves you wondering: what exactly do they put in restaurant … Read more

What Is Southwest Ranch?

When it comes to tantalizing our taste buds and making everyday dishes taste great, sauces and dressings play a crucial role.  Among the plethora of options available out there is the Southwest Ranch — which is not so popular outside its hot zone of the Southwest.  In this article, we’ll change that, and introduce our … Read more

Does Ranch Have To Be Refrigerated?

If you love ranch enough, you’ll want to know how long it lasts when opened and unopened, and whether or not it expires.  In this article, you’ll learn just that, and discover how to tell a ranch dressing that has begun to go bad. Does Ranch Expire If Not Opened? First and foremost, let’s talk … Read more

Does Ranch Seasoning Go Bad?

Store bought ranch dressing can come as liquid (in bottles) or dry mix of ingredients stuffed into packets or bottles.  And while we already know the fate of pre-made ranch dressing, we’re yet to understand how long ranch packets or even seasonings can last unopened, opened (the ones in bottles) and when mixed.  In this … Read more

How Long Does Homemade Ranch Last?

Is there anything more satisfying than whipping up a batch of homemade buttermilk ranch to drizzle over your favorite salads, dunk your crispy veggies or even slather on sandwiches?  There might be, but for the sake of this article, I’d rather think otherwise!  If you’re making buttermilk ranch at home, especially in large batches, then … Read more