Is Canned Crab Meat Cooked?

Canned crab meat comes with a lot of convenience: it’s very easy to enjoy crab meat in a variety of ways without having to put in the effort of picking the meat directly from the shells. But one common question that comes to mind for anyone who regularly consumes canned crab meat is whether or … Read more

Roe In Lobster: Everything You Should Know

If you ever wanted to know more about roe, the greenish-black stuff situated inside and at the abdomen of certain lobsters, then you’re at the right place.  This article will tell you everything you need to know about roe in lobsters from what it is, where it’s located to it’s nutrition and how to serve … Read more

What Is Crab Butter?

Crab butter is a rich greenish-yellow substance found in the central part of a crab’s body cavity, although it can still be found in other arthropods like lobsters and shrimps but in a much different location. It is a popular delicacy among seafood lovers, packed with flavor and nutrient and is incorporated into a wide … Read more