7 Types Of Meat At Subway

At Subway, there’s a variety of meat and meat combinations to satisfy even the most voracious cravings.

Whether you prefer the traditional meat choices like “Chicken Breast” and “Steak” or the more adventurous “Steak Cheese” and “Salami, Subway has got you covered. 

In this article, we’ll check out 7 different types of meat (and meat combinations) you can find at Subway, which you can order to create an explosive sandwich.

Types Of Meat At Subway

  1. Genoa Salami
  2. Pepperoni
  3. Chicken Breast (Teriyaki Glazed Strips, Ground, Shredded, Patty)
  4. Steak
  5. Turkey
  6. Meatballs
  7. Black Forest Ham
  8. Tuna

Subway Meat Names With Pictures

Genoa Salami

Genoa Salami is a type of salami of Italian origin, specifically from the Genoa region of Italy. 

It is basically a sausage that is fermented for a few days in order to develop tanginess and suffocate pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, and then stuffed inside a casing that could either be edible or inedible and hanged to cure so it further develops flavor.

Genoa Salami is a popular meat option at Subway and is commonly made from ground pork, but the beef or veal variety can be existent to depending on the region.

Genoa Salami is typically made by combining the ground meat with salt and other seasonings such as peppercorns and garlic plus red or white wine in order to create a product that resembles sausage. 

At Subway, the meat is sliced thinly and served alongside other meats like pepperoni on freshly baked bread. 

The slightly fermented or tangy flavor (plus a spicy undertone) of the meat makes it a great option for those who want a more robust flavor to their sandwich bites! 

But if you’re particularly watchful of the amount of calories and fat you take in, then Salami might not be the healthiest option for you. You can go with the other entries on this list. 

Additionally, as with other food products that can be made using different types of meat, make sure to ask for the type of meat used for your Salami sub so you know exactly the kind of meat you’re getting. 


Pepperoni, like Salami, is a sausage made from the combination of ground beef and pork. 

In fact, pepperoni is actually a type of salami that is spicy and seasoned with chili flakes and paprika as the stand out ingredients.

Subway offers pepperoni as a meat choice but often combined with Genoa Salami.

The spicy pick it adds gives a bit of zing to the sandwich which a lot of spicy food lovers adore.

Pepperoni too, just like Salami, is a high fat option that is also loaded with calories and therefore might not be the healthiest option for many people out there.

However, you can easily include it in moderation as part of a more balanced diet. 


Chicken is a common meat option consumed all over the world, and you bet Subways ain’t ditching them on their menu. 

Chicken, in fact, is one of the most popular and preferred meat options at Subways and can be offered in a variety of ways from shredded, ground to teriyaki glazed and patty.

Some other popular types if chicken at subway include:

The Oven-Roasted Chicken, which is lean cut of meat marinated in a flavorful base (sometimes the sweet and savory teriyaki sauce) and then roasted in the oven. 

It’s flavor can range from sweet to savory and even tangy depending on the marinade used and other ingredients added. 

The fact that it has low fat, being a lean meat, makes it a good option for those trying to watch weight or are avoiding hgh-fat and high-calorie foods for some reason. 

Another type of chicken offered at Subway is the Rotisserie-Style Chicken, which is basically chicken slowly cooked on a rotisserie using direct heat. 

The result is a chicken with a really bold flavor that many think is better than the other chicken offerings at subway. 

Both the Oven-Roasted Chicken and the Rotisserie Chicken can be served sliced or shredded and sometimes together turkey. 


Steak is another popular meat option eaten across continents and Subway has it. 

The steak is typically made from beef (particularly the Top Sirloin, which is a lean cut with lower fat and lower calorie content) that has been sliced, infused with seasoning and then cooked to perfection.

The steak typically comes out with a nice savory flavor bearing a smoky undertone, and it is one of the best options for those who want to enjoy a much heartier sandwich at Subway. 

Subway offers the classic “Steak and Cheese” sandwich which is basically steak with hot cheese melted on it. 

It is among the most demanded products on Subway’s menu. Steak can also be offered in combination with ham and bacon. 


Another popular meat option at Subway is Turkey. 

Like chicken, it is a low-fat, low calorie option compared to many meat options at Subway which makes it great for those who are particularly concerned about their calorie and fat intake.

Turkey too can be oven roasted or made the rotisserie style, and the part mostly used is the breast. 

The turkey breasts are seasoned and cooked well to give them a smoky flavor and then served thinly or shredded on freshly baked bread, sometimes alongside bacon. 


The meatball sandwich at Subway features actual meatballs (made from combining beef and pork). 

The meatballs themselves serve as a packet that encases an explosive and delicious flavor of herbs plus spices. And the meat is cooked until it is very tender and juicy.

The meatball sandwich often pairs the meatballs with marinara sauce and cheese for a delightful experience.

One caveat to the meatballs option is that because they contain both pork and beef, they typically rank high on the list of high fat and high calorie meat options at Subway’s Menu and so they might not be the healthiest option out there. 

Also, the fact that they contain pork means that they’re not halal for the muslim populations that crave for only halal meats. 

Black Forest Ham

Black Forest Ham is a type of cured meat made from pork. 

The fresh slices of pork are sprinkled with a generous amount of salt for both preservation and flavoring goals and then allowed to sit for several weeks. 

During this time, the solute concentration of the meat increases which leads to a decreased water content of the meat, thus making it an inhospitable environment for spoilage causing bacteria to thrive, and at the same time, allowing it to develop more complex flavors.

After curing, the salt is extracted from the meat and then then it is aged for a few more weeks from where it is smoked until it almost turns black on the outer parts and develops a more pronounced flavor. 

The name “Black Forest” of the meat doesn’t make allusion from the fact that it is smoked until it begins to turn black on the outside, rather, it comes from the Black Forest Region of Germany where the meat is traditionally made. 


Tuna is another exciting meat option targeted for those in love with seafood. It features flaked tuna fish blended with spices and mayonnaise to create a savory and very flavorful filling for the sandwich.

The tuna meat option offers a low-fat, low calorie and lightweight filling which is great for those who are especially watchful of their diet.

The No Meat Options At Subway

Subway carters for the needs of a wide range of audiences including Vegans and Vegetarians. Subway offers two types of No Meat Options for their vegetarian and Vegan customer, they include: 

  1. Veggie Pattie (for vegetarians)
  2. Veggie Delite (for both vegetarians and vegans)

Veggie Pattie

Veggie Patty is a type of patty made with only non meat source. 

The exact ingredients used can vary depending on location, but the most popular ingredients include carrots, onions, eggs, soybeans, grains and peppers. 

These are all combined together and formed into a patty which is then cooked and served alongside other meat free toppings and sauces as an alternative to meat.

The patty, obviously, is a low-fat and low-calorie option and contains a good deal of nutrients such as protein and fibers, making it one of the healthiest sandwich options at Subway. 

Veggie Delite

The Veggie Delight is the option particularly targeted for vegans, those who don’t consume meat and anything derived from animals. 

The Veggie Delite is a sandwich that uses only vegetables to create a burst of flavors inside a bread made solely with ingredients that support a vegan diet (i.e the 9 grain wheat, Multigrain Flat Bread, and Gluten Free Bread). 

The taste of the sandwich is delicious, which makes it a great alternative to the meaty variety. 

Like its cousin, the Veggie Patty, it is also low-calorie, low-fat, and offers loads of nutrients. 

What Is The Healthiest Meat Option At Subway?

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to choosing the healthiest meat at Subway.

There are meats that are majorly fat based like bacon, or have a high percentage of fat like some pepperoni, pork and some cuts of steak. 

Others on the other hand, are low fat options and supply a much suppressed quantity of calories and fat in comparison to the first group, these include meats such as “Turkey Breast” and “Chicken Breasts” as offered by Subway. 

Because the latter are lean cuts, sandwiches made with them would have an easy head start when it comes to the  “healthiest” game, unless of course their progress is chopped off by the incorporation of toppings that don’t really do much for a healthy food game, for example cheese and mayonnaise. 

The much healthier options would be veggies. And when it comes to bread, a better and healthier option would be whole grain bread. 

What Is The Best Tasting Meat At Subway?

This is one of those questions that are subjective, as everyone has different taste buds and therefore would crave, taste and love things differently, but what’s good tasting is really good tasting at the end of the day. 

A lot of Subway customers seem to come back for the Italian B.M.T which is a sandwich that features combinations such as pepperoni, salami and ham, as well as the popular “Steak and Cheese” sandwich which as a signature move, melts cheese over steak and serves in hot bread.

The Chicken Bacon Ranch is also another popular option. It is made by combining perfectly grilled or baked chicken with bacon and ranch dressing like peppercorn ranch alongside vegetables.

Where Does Subway Get Its meat?

The meats at Subway are real, and they are obtained from a variety of meat suppliers around the world, and for a particular Subway unit, in the region where it is located. 

All meats are sourced from suppliers that meet a set-out standard and protocol such as those that raise chickens and cows or other meat producing animals without antibiotics or added hormones, and those that specifically meet or even exceed the expectations of Subway for sustainability, animal welfare and food safety. 

Subway does also claim that they make regular trips to inspect their suppliers and their facilities to make sure that they adhere to their strict protocols which are there to ensure that the meat they supply them are safe and free from contamination and are safe to consume.

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