Why Does Sriracha Have A Rooster On It?

Huy Fong Sriracha is a big name in the U.S. when it comes to hot sauces, and that rooster logo? You know it when you see it.

But hold on, what’s the story with the rooster, and why is it even there?

In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to dive into the tale of the Sriracha rooster and uncover what it symbolizes.

And there’s more – we’ll talk about how this rooster connects with Vietnamese traditions and ties into the life of David Tran, the very guy who brought Sriracha sauce to life in the US.

What Is The Full Story Behind The Rooster On Huy Fong Sriracha Sauce?

The rooster on Huy Fong Sriracha sauce is not just some flashy design; it’s a tale full of personal connections and the spirit of the man behind the sauce, David Tran.

You see, Tran was born in 1945, smack dab in the Year of the Rooster according to the Vietnamese zodiac. Now, in Vietnamese culture, each year is connected to an animal, and those animals have special traits. For the Rooster, it’s all about strength.

Tran felt a connection to that. You know how roosters in Vietnam are often put in fights, and even when things look grim, they keep on fighting? That’s what the rooster symbolized for him: that never-give-up attitude.

Back in Vietnam, he started crafting chili sauces, using peppers grown by his own brother. And that rooster logo? He got it from some random street artist in Vietnam during the ’70s, a guy whose name he doesn’t even recall today. The logo went on the caps of his recycled bottles.

Now, fast forward to 1979, Tran had to leave Vietnam. He ended up on a Taiwanese ship called Huey Fong, which (funny enough) inspired his company’s name.

When he settled down in Los Angeles, he got down to business, making his very own sriracha. 

He whipped it up with fresh jalapeños, garlic, vinegar, sugar, and salt. But he realized he’d lost the original rooster drawing. 

So, he found a Chinatown artist to redo the logo for his new sriracha bottles, making it even bigger and bolder. He started pumping those bottles out of his factory in Irwindale, California, in 1980.

And that rooster logo? He kept it, making it part of his sauce’s identity, along with the clear plastic bottle and green cap. People started calling it “rooster sauce” or “cock sauce.”

So when you see that rooster on the bottle, it’s not just a logo; it’s a piece of Tran’s life. It’s his birth year, his spirit, his resilience, and his success.

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