Why Is Sriracha Expensive?

Let’s be honest, Sriracha is really burning a hole in our wallets these days, and that’s after long hours of work trying to locate it on supermarket shelves.

But why? Why is sriracha significantly pricier than before in some places? – and now leaving addicts like us feeling the heat?

What’s the Deal with Sriracha’s Hefty Price Tag?

Gone are the days when the iconic rooster-branded Sriracha sauce from Huy Fong could be spotted at every turn. Nowadays, finding a bottle seems like a daunting task. 

To add insult to injury, when you do finally stumble upon one of these sought-after bottles, you may notice a significantly increased price tag – depending on your location and where you’re shopping it, of course. 

So, is something really the cause of this predicament?

You guessed it! 

Here are the culprits for the rise in price of one of the world’s most popular brands of hot sauce! 

Supply Chain Issues

As with any product, scarcity can play a significant role in determining the price, not just of the specific brand affected, but of competition brands as well. 

Sriracha, being such a sought-after condiment, has experienced its fair share of supply issues quite recently, and the popular manufacturer of the sauce, Huy Fong has even declared last June in a press statement that they were facing serious supply issues of jalapeños used to make their sauce

They attributed the issues to the failed crop production in spring due to the drought in Mexico and western United States, but many think otherwise and believe the issue is far more than what meets the eyes — they blame the scarcity of peppers, also, on the soured relationship between Huy Fong and Underwood Farms (a California based company) which happens to be one of their their major suppliers.

Huy Fong is an established brand, and they have a really huge and immense following within and outside the United States, and that’s because they offer high quality and good tasting sauces. 

They definitely won’t be champions of the sriracha world if they produced sauces that suck!

For them, a lot is at stake here. They really can’t entrust their outsourcing to just about any farm. 

They could compromise quality which could be a costly mistake! 

Therefore, they need to take time and play their cards right! Either iron things out with current suppliers, or find another alternative for outsourcing peppers without compromising anything. 

That, I think, is the reason why their supply issue is still persisting till this moment in 2023! 

Now, because they are the most famous brand, and probably one of the largest producers in the States and beyond, any issues with their supply will definitely translate as turmoil in the sauce market, which is what you see as empty bottles of Sriracha sauce on shelves.

This issue now gives other manufacturers of sriracha the ability to capitalize and market their own sriracha sauce, however they like as well as increase demand for the existing bottles of Huy Fong’s Sriracha!

For other manufacturers, this is a golden opportunity to charge more bucks for their products since demand for sriracha in general is high, and as for the scarce bottles of Huy Fong Sriracha sauce, the excessive demand makes retailers want to bump up the price to increase profit, as well as prevent buyers from hoarding the product.

Import Costs: Shipping Across Borders

Now if you’re savoring your sriracha far from its California birthplace, you should know that transporting the condiment entails expenses ranging from international shipping fees to customs duties and taxes. 

Depending on where in the world you find yourself enjoying sriracha-slathered avocado toast or spicy noodle bowls, these costs can quickly add up, especially given the very scarce nature of sriracha sauce at the moment. 

What Is So Special About Sriracha?

Sriracha, really, has gotten to a point where many can’t imagine their lives without this tubular red bottle gracing their dining tables and pantry shelves. 

If you’re wondering what makes Sriracha so special, here they are!

The Irresistible Blend of Flavors

Sriracha is not just an ordinary hot sauce; it combines a unique blend of flavors that awaken your taste buds with every drop. The sauce consists of red chili peppers, garlic, sugar, salt and distilled vinegar — all fermented to allow more of these flavors to come out. 

The flavor at the end, is a harmonious symphony of spicy, savory, sweet and tangy notes that make it incredibly versatile and addictive.

Accessible Heat That Doesn’t Overwhelm

Another reason for Sriracha’s popularity is its level of spiciness. While some hot sauces can overpower your palate with intense heat levels (for example pastes made from Thai chills, ghost pepper or Carolina Reaper), Sriracha strikes the perfect balance between heat and flavor. It adds just enough kick to level up your dish without completely overpowering it with spice. I dont know for you, but I’ll snatch up that deal in a flash!

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