Bonjour! I’m Davis Brown, and i run things here at Thewhitemeal.com

I reside in the picturesque countryside of France, surrounded by a rich food culture that has inspired my passion for all things food related.

My family and I spend countless hours in our cozy kitchen, experimenting with flavors and techniques in hopes of creating something magical everyday! In fact, we often joke that our kitchen is the heart of our home, while the other rooms merely exist for decoration!

As a self-proclaimed “Food guru,” I take pride in my unique palate and ability to create mouthwatering dishes from simple ingredients.

At thewhitemeal.com, I share my love for food by offering practical advice on cooking, freezing, reheating, dehydrating and everything else you can imagine doing with your favorite ingredients. 

Alongside these tips, you’ll find an array of unique recipes that showcase my personal favorites from around the world.

Explore some of them below. Bon appétit!