Can You Over Knead Pizza Dough?

If you recently made pizza and realized that the crust has a lot of faults in it, it’s natural for you to begin tracing back where you made the error. Could it be that you over kneaded the pizza dough? — Is there ever such a thing as an over kneaded dough to begin with? … Read more

Can I Use Bread Flour For Pizza Dough?

Pizza is a classic and popular type of food consumed across the globe, and it’s not that hard to make.  Like the popular saying goes: Bad pizza is still good pizza.  But in order to make the perfect pizza at home, one still needs a bit of investment in the form of time and quality … Read more

Does Pizza Dough Have Yeast?

Judging from afar, the pizza dough looks so basic and simple and it feels like it really doesn’t need more than bread flour and warm water. Make no mistake however, there is one important ingredient in making pizza dough, the yeast, which is as important to the pizza dough as flour is to a bread … Read more

Is Pizza Eaten With a Fork and Knife?

There are many different ways that pizza is consumed across the globe aside from pulling it off in wedges and biting the pointy end first. In this article, we’ll explore how pizza is eaten in its birthplace Naples, Italy, and then go over the right ways to eat pizzas in different situations. How is pizza … Read more

Can You Freeze Zucchini Pizza Boats?

Zucchini pizza boats are our favourite way of ditching pizza doughs during summer. Simply cut up a fresh zucchini in half, scoop out the flesh and top up with your favourite pizza topping.  There, a delicious treat for anyone, anytime.  And what happens when you have leftovers from your zucchini pizza adventure? Freeze them or … Read more