Do You Peel Potatoes For Mashed Potatoes?

There’s one popular, aged and hotly debated question in the mashed potato community: do you peel the potatoes for mashed potatoes or mash them with their skins on? The answer to this is simple “do whatever pleases your mind”.  You can’t ever go wrong with using peeled or unpeeled potatoes in your mashed potatoes, although … Read more

How To Serve Mashed Potatoes Elegantly

After a draining evening trying to perfect the mashed potatoes, it’s only fair to want to plate them elegantly. When it comes to doing so however, there are quite a number of tricks and tips to take note of, and we’ll be discussing them all in this article. Use premium serveware Serving mashed potatoes elegantly … Read more

Why Do Mashed Potatoes Get Hard?

Mashed potatoes can be a very tricky dish to nail, with all sorts of problems arising here and there during preparation. Some of the most common problems include “the gummy mashed potatoes” which is typically the result of over mashing the boiled potatoes, “the watery mashed potatoes” which occurs when too much liquid is incorporated … Read more

Why Do Mashed Potatoes Get Gummy?

If you make mashed potatoes quite often, then it isn’t surprising to run into a gummy mashed potato at some point. There is actually a reason why the mashed potato turned out gummy — which is exactly what this article seeks to explore (as well as the fixes you can make). What makes mashed potatoes … Read more