What To Do With Leftover Rotel Dip

Great nights of “spicy rotel dip” have people scooping out every ounce of it with chips, crackers and even their fingers!  So delicious, yet when the night comes to a close and everyone is fed up of eating tortilla chips coated in cheese sauce, there has to be an alternative way to purpose the generous … Read more

How Long Is Rotel Dip Good For?

Rotel dip is a dish that is very easy to whip up: add your finely ground beef onto a heated pan, cook thoroughly and drain the fat that forms, empty the contents of a Ro-Tel over it, add in a generous amount of Velveeta cheese and cook until everything comes together into a creamy goodness.  … Read more

Peppercorn Ranch vs Ranch

Ranch dressing is a popular condiment of the western world used to perfect a variety of cuisines such as salads and pasta.  The Peppercorn ranch happens to be one among the many different types of ranch dressings that exist out there.  Both the traditional and peppercorn ranch dressings have a common base flavor that delivers … Read more

Is Peppercorn Ranch Spicy?

A very popular salad dressing here in the United states, ranch dressing is probably the genius ingredient you need to transform your creamy rice casserole into an exciting one.  While there are so many varieties of ranch dressing mostly subtle and cool, one specific variant called the Peppercorn ranch adds a bit of spicy kick … Read more

What Is Peppercorn Ranch?

Ranch dressing is a staple condiment in the American cuisine birthing many classic varieties among which the Peppercorn is included.  The peppercorn ranch is a type of ranch dressing that has a slightly spicy undertone from the addition of crushed black peppercorn. Aside from the slight heat, it tastes reminiscent of the classical ranch dressing … Read more