Do Pizza and Fries go Together?

Pizza is literally one of the most popular foods in the world, and due to this popularity, you’d expect a lot of variations in the way that it is prepared. Which is actually the case.

There are tons of varieties out there based upon geographical region and diet type and each one them offer unique experiences of their own.

Like many foods from the century of lights however, pizza does have an identity to fall back to and that is the “Neapolitan style”.

Such style is well protected in its birth country as well as throughout the world via international associations. 

All other versions birthed from this identity are simply shadows of it. For instance, pizza with fries and hotdogs on them

They’d never taste as great or as unique as the original pizza, but nonetheless, they’re still a superb way to mess around with flavors.

Is it normal to eat pizza and fries?

No. It is not normal to make pizza with fries on them. It goes against the edicts of pizza making. 

Maybe the fries can be used as an accompaniment for the pizza, but not as a topping on it, because pizza and fries are two distinct dishes meant to be enjoyed by themselves or with the various accompaniments they’re normally paired with.

Do Italians put French fries on pizza?

It is possible to find restaurants in Italy that put hotdogs and even french fries on their pizza, but their reasons for doing such is to satisfy the cravings of foreign tourists. 

In restaurants or pizzerias that make pizza for natives, you would hardly find “French Fries on pizza” as a dish on their menu. 

These pizzerias like to protect the Neapolitan type of pizza which is regarded as the original, Modern pizza normally topped with basic ingredients such as tomato sauce, Mozzarella, oil, cheese, herbs and salt.

The toppings are that basic and they suffice to deliver the perfect pizza experience for any customer.

What about salad and sushi as a pizza topping?

Salad and sushi on pizza is just as weird and foreign as pineapple or French Fries on a pizza.

It just shouldn’t be there. 

One can only imagine how pizza with such topping on it will taste, and how much it’ll deviate from its real identity. 

If anything, you shouldn’t expect a sushi pizza to taste better than the original pizza with mozzarella, oil and herbs on it. A salad pizza may not be that bad since salads are good accompaniments for pizzas anyways.

But it’s a free world and everyone is entitled to make whatever works for them in the kitchen. So if putting french fries and hotdogs on pizza makes you happy, then go for it.

What is pizza best eaten with?

By itself

Really. The best way to enjoy pizza is all by itself. You didn’t take the time to sprinkle all those stuffings just to get them masked out by some sides yeah?

In order to ensure you’re tasting and enjoying every single element of your pizza, it’s better to enjoy it all by itself. It’s already packed with wealth of goodness. 


Soup is one food item that pairs well with almost any kind of dish including pizza, so long as it’s the right kind of soup. 

For the best experience, try tomato soup with really tender steak cut into it and make sure to enjoy it warm.  


Coleslaw is the best way to tame down that feeling of scarfing down an entire plate of junk food. With a bowl of coleslaw, you can somehow assure yourself from the inside that you at least have veggies to balance things out.

Onion rings

Onion rings is by default a side dish in British and American cuisine and it goes great with pizza.

The key to enjoying onion rings is to make sure they’re fresh and crispy. You can make a little dip sauce to accompany the rings as you pair them with the pizza.

Angel hair noodles salad

Angel hair noodle is perfect to pair with pizza as a side dish because of the size of the pasta. It’s not as thick as other pasta so it really gives room for you to enjoy the pizza.


A perfectly cooked and seasoned salmon is a dish you can pair with almost any kind of dish including pizza. You can grill, fry, roast and bake, whichever suits your style.


Really, nothing beats an iced beverage of your liking accompanying every single bite you take on your pizza.

Get your favourite drink, pour it into a glass cup, add ice to chill things out, serve your pizza and you’re good to go!

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