How To Reheat Pigs In A Blanket (3 Methods)

Store pigs in a blanket in the fridge or leave them outside to cool after baking: either way produces a somewhat dried-out version of the snack with reduced softness and flavor. 

With the right technique however, it’s easy to revive back their flavor and softness and make them taste as if they were just freshly baked. 

This article walks you through the step by step process of how to properly reheat pigs in a blanket.

Reheating Pigs In A Blanket

In The Oven

One of the best ways to reheat pigs in a blanket for a crisp exterior and a softer interior is the oven. Reheating pigs in a blanket in the oven is quite easy. 

First, arrange the pigs in a blanket in one layer (and well separated from each other) on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Next, cover the pigs in a blanket with a layer of aluminium foil to help revive back the lost softness of the snack. 

Preheat the oven to about 350°F, slide the cookie tray inside the oven and let the pigs in a blanket cook there for 10 to 12 minutes or until the sausage filling registers 165°F when tested with a food thermometer.

Make sure to remove the foil at least when it’s 2 to 3 minutes to the expiration of the cooking time for a crispy and golden brown crust. 

Because these two factors dictate how fast your pigs in a blanket reheat: their sizes and the type of oven you have, it’s best to keep a close eye on the snacks when you put them inside the oven, especially when they’re mini or you have a convection type oven. 

In The Microwave

The microwave is by far the fastest way to reheat anything, including pigs in a blanket, but I guess the reduced quantity of pigs in a blanket you can microwave at a time balances things up at the end of the day — only when you have a large batch to do. 

Also, using this method, you need to be exceptionally careful to not overcook the pigs in a blanket which will cause them to become tough and chewy. 

To reheat pigs in a blanket using the microwave, follow the instruction below: 

First, transfer the pigs in a blanket into a microwave safe plate or bowl. Cover them with a damp paper towel and microwave on high at brief bursts of 30 seconds. 

If you have a microwave with a higher wattage, or have so many pigs in a blanket on the plate, check them at 15 seconds intervals. 

When you’re done heating them up in the microwave, you can transfer them to the oven to crisp them up, but make sure to pay close attention to avoid running into a burnt snack. An alternative is to use a microwave crisper pan. 

In The Air Fryer

The airfryer is another fast way to reheat pigs in a blanket.

Because the air fryer is a more intense version of any oven, meaning that it cooks things a bit faster than the oven, you want to reduce the reheating time by almost half. 

To reheat pigs in a blanket in an air fryer, follow the instructions below.

First, preheat the air fryer to 350°F and transfer the pigs in a blanket in a single layer on the air fryer basket.

Cover and bake them in there for 2 to 3 minutes and check to make sure they’re all crisped up and the sausages inside registers 165°F when tested with a food thermometer. 

How To Store Pigs In A Blanket After Cooking

For many, this is the challenge: how to safely store pigs in a blanket after cooking them. 

There are actually two ways to do that, and whichever method you choose would depend on what you intend doing with the pigs in a blanket in the first place.

Do you wish to enjoy them for a much later date? Store them in the refrigerator.

If you want to only preserve them for a brief period of time, say 30 to 40 minutes or even an hour or two (before the guests arrive), then use a warming technique instead, unless your guests don’t mind eating cold pigs in a blanket, or you don’t mind reheating them later. 

So how do you store pigs in a blanket in the refrigerator?

You first need to make sure they’re cooled down after they’re out of the oven.

You don’t want to pop them inside the fridge, hot, which will increase the internal temperature there and threaten the longevity of perishables such as meat or milk. 

While cooling the pigs in a blanket on the counter or cooling rack, ensure they never stay outside for longer than 2 hours (1 hour if the ambient temperature is above 70°F).

This is because they can breed bacteria that would make you sick when you consume them.

You don’t have to allow the snacks to cool off completely, just when they’re at 70°F or slightly morer, proceed to refrigerate them by stuffing them inside a plastic bag or a storage container and sealing or lidding them properly. 

Keep refrigerated pigs in a blanket for no longer than 3-4 days. Make sure to inspect for signs of spoilage if they have stored for longer and discard them when you notice anything unnatural. 

For the warming technique, read the various methods on how to do so below: 

How To Keep Pigs In A Blanket Warm

Can You Freeze Pigs In A Blanket?

Both cooked and uncooked pigs in a blanket can be frozen for upto 3 months.

To freeze pigs in a blanket, flash freeze them first by arranging them in a single layer on a cookie sheet and putting them in the freezer, then package the individually frozen pigs in a blanket in a freezer safe bag like plastic bag or foil, label with the name of the product and the date of freezing and store in the freezer. 

Flash freezing is necessary to prevent them from sticking to each other during freezing. This would make the work of thawing them easier. 

While freezing can help preserve your pigs in a blanket for long term, there are some cons associated with it which include: the loss of texture in the frozen food, deterioration of quality due to freezer burn or even absorption odor from other food items in the freezer, and, uneven cooking when it’s time to reheat the snacks (this applies particularly to when you’re cooking them from frozen). 

How To Reheat Frozen Pigs In A Blanket?

To reheat cooked frozen pigs in a blanket, first allow them to thaw overnight in the refrigerator to melt the ice crystals that have formed inside of them.

Afterwards, reheat them as directed above using either the microwave, air fryer or the oven. 

For uncooked pigs in a blanket, still defrost them in the refrigerator overnight, then cook them as per the recipe instructions i.e. brushing egg wash and then baking for the specified amount of time.

You can choose to cook pigs in a blanket from frozen, but only use the oven or air fryer and make sure to add half of the cooking time to the original cooking time to make up for the time lost in defrosting the snack inside the oven or air fryer. 

What Goes With Pigs In A Blanket?

Pigs in a blanket have so many accompaniments that go with them.

Their savory and flaky nature provides a contrasting flavor and texture when paired with dips such as ketchup, BBQ sauce, honey, mustard or even cheese sauce. 

They’re also great with salads and can serve as part of a larger spread in parties alongside foods such as wings and onion rings. 

Pigs in a blanket can also be paired with hot or cold beverages.

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