Substitutes For French Fried Onions

Numerous dishes like green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, creamy mac and cheese, and hearty soups are often lavishly sprinkled with crunchy French fried onions. 

However enjoyable this topping might be, its high calorie and fat content can throw a wrench into your health-conscious diet. 

And let’s not forget those who just don’t find its taste appealing or those who are navigating the waters of a gluten intolerance or allergy. 

So, what’s the solution? 

There’s a smorgasbord of healthier alternatives waiting to be discovered that can successfully replace French fried onions in most meals without losing out on flavor and texture.

In this enlightening read, we’re opening the lid on an array of these substitutes while also delving deep into the nutritional landscape of French fried onions.

What Is The Nutritional Profile Of French Fried Onions? And Is It Healthy?

French fried onions are just what they sound like – onions that have been thinly sliced and deep-fried until crisp. In between, they could be soaked in a milk bath and tossed in a seasoned dry wheat mixture. 

While they certainly bring a flavourful crunch to your dishes, it’s worth considering their nutritional content and overall healthiness.

Typically, one serving size (around 1.5 -2 tbsp) contains roughly about 39 – 45 calories, 1- 3.5 grams of fat (0.5g of which is saturated fat), no cholesterol, 10- 25mg of sodium, 6g of carbohydrates (of which 1g is dietary fibre), and around 0.5 – 1g of protein depending on the method of preparation. 

For a fair assesment, there’s no denying that onions themselves are loaded with health benefits. 

They’re low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and B, folate and potassium. 

They also contain antioxidants that help fight inflammation and boost overall immunity.

However, the health profile changes drastically once the onions undergo deep frying (or are coated with gluten based flour)

The process piles on additional fats and calories (alongside sensitivities) to these otherwise healthy vegetables. 

Also consider that French fried onions are often laden with salt – too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues.

So is it Healthy?

Like most foods and beverages, moderation is key! 

And if you can’t handle gluten, opt for a recipe that ditches the use of flour or is based upon gluten free flour!

While the occasional sprinkle on your casserole or topping on your salad isn’t likely to derail a generally healthy diet, make it a practice not to consider French fried onions as an everyday staple due to their high-fat content.

What Can I Use Instead Of French Fried Onions?

A surprising number of people aren’t aware of the versatility in potential substitutes for French Fried Onions. 

So, let’s delve into it and uncover these crunchy treasures! 

But bear in mind that some of these may change the flavor of your food in a negative light, so be very careful of what you’re substituting in for French fried onions and where!

Start with breadcrumbs

These toasted morsels often serve as a pivotal ingredient in dishes like casseroles and meaty recipes. 

When thinking of replacing French Fried Onions, breadcrumbs might not be the first option that springs to mind – but oh, how adaptable they can be! 

They bring their own unique texture game to the table, creating a beautifully crisp crust or topping when lightly toasted.

But Wait, What About Nuts?

Well, crushed nuts are another excellent sub-in for French Fried Onions. 

Their own distinct crunch level coupled with that delectable nutty flavor can transform your dish in exciting ways you didn’t expect. 

From almonds to pecans or even walnuts; each brings something new and intriguing to the flavor profile of your dish.

However, just as with our beloved French Fried Onions, remember that both breadcrumbs and crushed nuts change the flavor profile subtly or significantly depending on quantities used and dish involved. 

So proceed with a sense of adventure but also an inkling of caution – you’re on your way to discovering the next great taste sensation! 

Crushed Popcorn

Picture this – a golden crust of crushed popcorn snacks crowning your favorite dish. 

Intriguing, isn’t it? 

Popcorn snacks not only offer a delightful crispy texture but also bring an unexpected pop (pun intended!) of flavor that can elevate any dish to new heights beyond what you ll expect. 

Whether it’s cheddar, white cheddar or the classic butter flavor, this innovative substitute can add both whimsy and gourmet flair to your meals.

Crumbled Potato Chips

Now, who hasn’t indulged in a bag of potato chips during a late-night snack fest? 


But did you know these universally-loved crinkly wonders could also double up as an ingenious culinary substitute for French fried Onions? 

That’s right! 

Crumbled potato chips can be used as a topping or mixed into your recipes for an added element of savoury crunch. 

They are easily customizable too; opt for plain for subtlety, or go wild with barbecue or sour cream and onion varieties for added tang.

Again, it’s important to keep in mind that using these substitutes will infuse different flavors into your dishes. 

So before you start crushing those snacks or chips, pause for a second and consider how the flavors would meld with the rest of your ingredients.

Crushed Whole Grain Crackers

Another great substitute for French Fried Onions is crushed whole grain crackers. 

Rich in fiber and texture, these humble pantry staples can be easily elevated to play a starring role in your dishes. 

Not only do they carry a delightful crunch that mirrors that of French Fried Onions, but they also add an extra layer of depth with their hearty grain flavor. 

A simple crush, and sprinkle over your casserole or salad can increase not only the taste factor but also the health quotient! 

Make A Healthy Version From Scratch 

Now, if you’re keen on keeping those onion flavors intact while taking a healthier route, why not make your version of French fried onions at home? 

Baking or sauteeing onions until they caramelize is an excellent option here. 

The process of caramelizing beautifully condenses the natural sugars in the onions, drawing out their inherent sweetness. 

These caramelized gems can provide the same enticing aroma and depth of flavor as their fried counterparts without overstepping on the calorie count!

Remember, it’s all about balancing health with flavor. And who says you need to compromise one for another? 

But Wait, There’s More!

Heading deeper into the delicious world of substitutes for French Fried Onions, let’s shine a light on two more options that add their own particular brand of gastronomic magic. 


Imagine this—plump, juicy mushrooms sliced and sautéed until golden brown. 

Doesn’t that sound enticing? 

Mushrooms come with an earthy and umami flavor profile that can add depth to your dishes when used as a substitute for French Fried Onions. 

Their texture, slightly crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside after a good sautée, is a delightful counterpart to the familiar crunchiness of fried onions. 

Plus, they are abundant in nutrition which makes them a healthier alternative without compromising the flavor.

Keep in mind that while mushrooms may bring their own unique charm and richness to your dish, they will also change its overall flavor profile significantly – so prepare for a deliciously different taste experience.


Then there are Funyuns – these onion-flavored corn snacks aren’t just meant for snacking while watching your favorite show or during an intense gaming session. 

Who would’ve thought? 

Crumbled up into tiny pieces, Funyuns can bring the similar crispiness and onion-flavor you crave from French Fried Onions. However, remember that they come with an added hint of corn in every bite.

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