What Bakers Square Pies Have Been Discontinued?

Loved for its tasty pies, the popular restaurant chain Bakers Square has had to bid goodbye to some of its most admired pie recipes over recent years. 

These decisions haven’t been limited to their menu, only.

Alarmingly, even some fan-favorite establishments of the chain have turned their ‘Open’ sign around for good.

In this article, we’ll go deep into the unfolding story of the well-loved pies that have been discontinued and stores that are no longer with us, all while making sure to understand the rationale behind the company’s decisions.

Did Bakers Square Go Out Of Business?

Despite common speculation, Bakers Square has not ceased operations entirely. 

This legacy pie and comfort food chain has indeed been grappling with a series of financial setbacks that have led to the significant downsizing of its footprint.

Negative financial trends began to plague Bakers Square as declining sales and dwindling margins made it challenging for the company to service its debt and satisfy its creditors. 

This financial strain inevitably triggered the closure of numerous underperforming restaurants, particularly across the Upper Midwest, where they are predominantly located.

A prime example is California, which witnessed a notable reduction in Bakers Square outlets due to economic downturns. 

By 2005, declining profit margins were evident, compelling the company to shutter some of these locations in an effort to recover. 

Furthermore, their last standing location in Wisconsin located in Elm Grove was also closed down just recently in December 2020.

Despite what’s happening, it’s important to underline that these closures don’t constitute an entire shutdown of Bakers Square, as many people wrongly assume!

While faced with hardships and a smaller operating scale, this resilient restaurant chain continues its journey into the future — with more delicious and tasty pies of course! 

What Happened To Bakers Square Restaurants?

As we have mentioned earlier, many Bakers Square locations across the Midwest were unfortunately forced to close their doors due to underperformance and loss. 

While this was a necessary move for the company as a whole, it certainly served as a disappointment for long-standing customers.

Several notable shutdowns took place in Wisconsin and Illinois locations such as Springfield, Lansing and Orland Park (La Grange Rd). 

Indiana wasn’t spared either – the Merrillville outpost bid its goodbye too. Similarly, North Olmsted of Ohio shut its door along with two spots in Minnesota; one each in Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie.

Seems like this beloved restaurant chain has taken a sizable hit. 

However, despite these closures, Bakers Square is still serving their iconic pies at remaining locations – so if you’re craving that classic French Silk Pie or hearty American meal, don’t miss your chance to head over to your nearest Bakers Square while you still can.

What Bakers Square Pies Have Been Discontinued?

Nostalgic dessert lovers cringe when their favorite sweet treats vanish from the menu. 

At Baker’s Square, public affection ran deep for every pie on the lineup, making any discontinuation a significant blow. 

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll be remembering six delightful pies that have bid adieu from the menu!

Banana Cream Pie

Baker’s Square’s Banana Cream Pie was synonymous with traditional American comfort food; its creamy filling loaded with ripe bananas and nestled in a buttery crust had an uncanny way of transporting one straight to grandma’s kitchen in each bite. Not too sweet, not too heavy, just a delicious slice of nostalgia. Sadly it was discontinued!

Candy Cane Pie

The Candy Cane Pie, on the other hand, made its appearance during the winter holidays. This limited-edition pie was hard to resist with its fluffy peppermint cream filling, rich chocolate ganache base, and a topping of crushed candy canes for an extra crunch. It might have been only seasonal, yet it certainly was a show stealer.

Oreo Pie

The Oreo pie, that iconic melding of chocolate cookie crumb crust filled with fluffy cream and cookie bites, has gone on sabbatical too. In its memory, let’s ask the question of who could resist those classic cookies harmoniously swirled together in pie form? 

The pie was a testament to the magic of transformative dessert artistry, but sadly a thing of the past now! 

Peanut Butter Pie

With a heavy heart, we also announce the hiatus of the peanut butter pie. Lovers of this creamy, nut-infused delicacy will surely miss its divine balance between sweet and salty – an unforgettable palate pleaser. 

Apple Crumb Pie

Apple Crumb Pie was a cherished offering at Bakers Square, appreciated for its harmonious blend of tart apples, sweet crumble topping, and crisp crust. But sadly it was discontinued, but like the saying goes, as one door closes, another opens. The off-the-menu introduction is none other than the Country Apple Pie.

The newcomer puts a unique twist on classic apple pie, featuring rustic chunks of cinnamon-spiced apples enveloped in a rich, flaky pastry. 

While it may not replicate the exact taste of its predecessor, the Country Apple still promises an experience filled with tantalizing flavors and comforting familiarity.

Hawaiian Pie

And let’s not forget about the exotic tropical flair brought by the Hawaiian pie. This vibrant dessert, bursting with pineapple chunks and coconut flakes nestled on a buttery crust, is also among those taking a break.

Why were they discontinued? 

The exact reasons are as elusive as those retired pies themselves. 

Although there might be various factors involved like supply chain issues or customer demand shifts; at the end of the day it’s always a bittersweet farewell when beloved treats depart from our favorite menus.

Still mourning over these discontinued gems? 

Remember that Baker’s Square continues to offer a delectable assortment of pies year-round; they might even exceed your fondest pie memories. 

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  1. I recently bought a peach pie from you and it was terrible!! My husband is a peach fanatic and was extremely disappointed with his pie. I too had a slice and felt it was not up to it’s usual deliciousness! With that said we will no longer purchase your peach pie.

  2. I am so sad that the Candy Cane Pie won’t be available this year. We forgot to order it last year, and it was really missed. Now, not available at all??? Awwwww… too bad.


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