What Is Truff Mayo?

Alert! There’s a new mayonnaise in town, refined with a sleek, matte black jar and adorned with subtle gold accents — they call it TRUFF MAYO. 

What exactly is it? What does it contain? And how does it differ from regular mayonnaise?

Sir back and relax, as we answer every one of these questions for you!

What Is Truff Mayo Made Of?

Truff Mayo is a mayonnaise made by the exotic American brand called TRUFF (based in Huntington Beach, Carlifornia) that manufactures hot sauces, pasta sauces as well as other food ingredients like oils and salt. 

Truff mayo, in all honesty, is a delightful creation, because it brings together the familiar, creamy taste of mayonnaise with the earthy, indulgent flavor of truffles — giving it an unexpected and sophisticated twist to ordinary dishes that basic Mayo would rather only faintly complement.

When it comes to the ingredients in truff mayo, they are pretty much the same as what you’ll find in regular Mayo, and rightfully so if it must retain its status as a mayonnaise, except with some key additions that bring the twist. 

The general ingredients include: 

Mid Oleic Sunflower Oil: Truff Mayo uses the oil extracted from the seeds of the sunflower plant grown mainly in Europe and the Americas as the main oil. It is highly rich in monounsaturated fats and neutral in flavor, and overall contributes to a healthier and more stable profile of the mayonnaise.

Water: This helps to adjust consistency and it is typically sourced from natural springs or purified through filtration processes. 

Organic Egg Yolks and Whole Eggs: These are the main emulsifiers, and for truff, are obtained from organically raised, free-range hens. Their presence is what makes Mayo happen in the first place and they give that creaminess as well as richness. 

Organic Distilled White Vinegar: These are the second part of the emulsification, alongside oil which help supply the aqueous medium to be held in place with the oil, producing a stable creamy mixture. Truff’s vinegar is produced by fermenting distilled alcohol derived from organic grains, and in addition to serving as a key component in the emulsification process, also helps provide a tangy flavor to balance the mayo’s richness.

Salt: This provides and harmonizes flavor and it is typically sourced from mined ancient sea beds or evaporated from seawater. 

Organic Mustard: This serves as the secondary emulsifier as well as add subtle heat and depth to the truffle mayo. It is derived from the seeds of organic mustard plants. 

Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate: This serves the same function as vinegar, to provide the aqueous medium for the emulsification while also adding some zing, zesty and citrus touch to the Mayo.

Organic Rosemary Extract: This adds an earthy and piney flavor that specifically complements the key ingredients of the truff Mayo. It is normally sourced from the leaves of the organic rosemary plant. 

Mustard Oil: This also helps to build flavor by providing some pungency. It is normally obtained from the pressed seeds of the mustard plant. 

And now comes the key ingredient that binds everything together for that nice truff experience: black truffle and truffle oil concentrate.  

Truff Mayo contains black truffle and truffle oil concentrate as the key ingredients that give it its special flavor.

The former being a fragrant fungi, helps to infuse the mayo with a unique, savory and exquisite taste, while the oil concentrate, being an extract for the highly-prized black truffles imparts a luxurious, earthy taste to the mayo.

What Are The Variations Of Truff Mayo?

Truffle mayo has two main variations that cater to different palates. The first one is the original Black Truffle Mayo which comes in an exotic matte black packaging highlighted by subtle gold accents, while the second is the Spicy Red Truffle Mayo which comes in the same type of packaging but in color red. 

The Black Truffle Mayo is made with black truffle oil concentrate and actual black truffles, which offers a rich and earthy gourmet flavor. The red on the other hand, has a blend of fiery and aromatic ingredients such as Red Jalapeño, Jicama Juice Concentrate, Organic Garlic Powder and Organic Cumin to make it more spicy (but not overwhelming) to the buds. 

The Red Jalapeño is the main spice ingredient here which gives the Mayo a lively burst of heat that pairs exceptionally well with the truffle essence.

The Jicama Juice Concentrate, extracted from the mildly sweet and crunchy jicama root, adds a subtle, refreshing sweetness to balance the spiciness, the Organic Garlic Powder introduces a savory, pungent aroma while the Organic Cumin imparts a warm, earthy depth all of which work fantastically well with the original truff blend. 

Is Truff Mayo Good?

In all honesty, Truff Mayo is a gem, and certainly, it is a delicious and perfect condiment to use as a dip for fries, any type of sandwich, grilled cheese and chicken salad. 

And no, I don’t think it’s just me. Every truff buyer I’ve ever come across loves the condiment, and the overwhelming majority of people I’ve introduced to it, are obsessed with it. 

However, like with any food out there, personal preferences always come into play. 

While I and the overwhelming majority of truff buyers out there love the condiments, some people might find it a bit too strong or simply not to their taste. 

But one thing is for sure, if you’re a fan of truffles and enjoy trying new culinary experiences, you’re likely to find Truff Mayo quite delightful.

Is Truffle Mayo Healthy

When it comes to mayonnaise, any question that surrounds “how healthy it is” always leaves the chat. That’s because mayonnaise contains lots of fat as well as calories, albeit, it’s still a good source of vitamin E and K as well as sodium. 

So Mayo, in general, including truff Mayo, isn’t the healthiest food choice, but with controlled consumption, it can safely be incorporated into your diet in a beneficial way. 

Moreover, truff has the added advantage that it is made using organic ingredients from vinegar to eggs and mustard all of which help make it a safer choice than regular mayonnaise out there for a wider variety of audience, and it also lacks gluten which makes it safe for those who are gluten intolerant. 

Truff Mayo Uses

Truffle Mayo can be used just like any other Mayo, as a dip when mixed with sour cream, sriracha, chipotle peppers or used to make aioli or ranch dressing, as a salad dressing, or as an external layer for chicken or beef before baking or roasting. 

Truffle Mayo Nutrition

Truff mayonnaise is quite nutritious. 

A single serving size is measured at about 1 tablespoon (15g), and the whole container provides about 16 servings. 

In terms of calories, truff Mayo, like any other Mayo, has high calorie content per serving, at around 110 calories, which is especially why you need to consume it in moderation. 

In terms of macronutrients, truff mayonnaise is mainly composed of fats, with 12 grams per serving, contributing to 15% of the Daily Value (DV) based on a 2,000 calorie diet. 

It also has a minimal sodium content, with only 70mg per serving, which represents 3% of the DV. 

Notably, truff mayonnaise contains no carbohydrates or protein, and it does not provide any significant vitamin D.

Where To Buy Truff Mayo?

There are several options to explore when it comes to buying truff Mayo. 

You can begin your search from the truffle website at: www.truff.com and see if you can order directly from the company to your specific zip code. They typically offer some discounts when the product is purchased through their website and for the first time. 

Next option is to check your local grocery stores, specialty food stores and online retailers. 

Last I checked, you can find truff mayonnaise in the following places. 

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Wegmans
  • The Fresh Market
  • Stop & Shop
  • Kings Food Markets
  • H-mart
  • Kroger
  • Wholefoods
  • Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace

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