Is Dynasty Sriracha Good? (Review)

When it comes to the world of Sriracha, there’s so many brands to choose from.

Dynasty Sriracha happens to be one of them and is made in Malaysia using the same ingredients as any other sriracha. 

But because it’s an entirely different brand of sriracha, it must have at least a slight variation in its preparation method or choice of ingredients which could affect the way it ends up tasting: whether good or sub par. 

So, is it really good? Is it worth your money?

In this article, we will take a closer look at Dynasty Sriracha and see if it is a good option for you. 

We will discuss the ingredients, flavor, heat level and versatility of the sauce.

We will also compare Dynasty Sriracha to Huy Fong Sriracha and see how it fares.

Dynasty Sriracha

What Is Dynasty Sriracha And Where Is It Made?

Among the many brands of sriracha sauce that have emerged, there’s one you should really be looking out for — Dynasty Sriracha. 

This brand has been brought to life by Dynasty Food Industries, a seasoned Malaysian company with more than half a century in the business. 

Interestingly though, the actual distribution of this popular sauce within the United States is handled by JFC International, who are also the owners of Dynasty Food Industries.

JFC International specializes in bringing Asian flavors home for everyone in America, serving as a major wholesaler that diligently works to distribute Asian food products across the country. 

Thanks to them, authentic Asian tastes like that found in Dynasty Sriracha are just a supermarket away.

Safety and quality are paramount in the Dynasty Sriracha production process. 

The sauce is crafted carefully within a BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified factory, which means rigorous food safety standards are adhered to throughout its making.

What Are The Ingredients In Dynasty Sriracha Sauce?

First up, we have jalapeño puree made from jalapeño peppers and citric acid. 

The rich spiciness of the jalapeños is what gives the sauce its fiery signature heat.

Next comes water, sugar and salt – essential for creating a harmonious balance between sweet, salty and spicy flavors. 

Also included is distilled vinegar lending a tangy note that cuts through the richness.

Garlic makes an appearance not once but twice – first as garlic powder for an intense flavor hit and second as garlic puree (comprising garlic and citric acid), lending a deep aromatic essence.

Modified corn starch serves as a thickener ensuring the sauce clings well to your favorite dishes. Yeast extract brings with it an umami flavor profile – adding depth to every bite.

Paprika oleoresin imparts vibrant color while contributing subtle sweetness. 

Xanthan gum ensures smooth consistency while natural flavor amps up its overall taste.

Last but not least are added preservatives – potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate – instrumental in keeping your favorite sriracha sauce fresh for longer.

Dynasty sriracha sauce claims to have no MSG, but still provides a rich umami taste that pairs well with a variety of dishes.

What Does Dynasty Sriracha Taste Like Compared To Huy Fong Sriracha? 

To the average palate, the two sauces provide a seemingly similar tasting experience. However, upon closer inspection, you can tell some subtle differences.

Dynasty Sriracha leans more towards a slightly milder flavor profile with less heat. 

It’s perfect for those who appreciate a gentler touch of spice without compromising on the signature sriracha flavors.

On the other hand, Huy Fong Sriracha packs a more pronounced punch. 

The pungency is tangible and there’s an elevated garlic and vinegar presence lending to its standout tangy kick. 

This variation is suited for those who crave a stronger fiery sensation coupled with an intense balance of flavors.

While experts may identify these nuances easily, it’s mostly unnoticeable to everyday sriracha lovers.  

Dynasty Sriracha Nutrition Label

A serving size of 1 teaspoon (6g) of this spicy condiment adds just a mere 5 calories to your meal, making it an ideal low-calorie spice option for those who love heat without the extra calories.

The label indicates that this sauce has no total fat or protein content. 

This absence makes it a suitable choice for individuals maintaining a low-fat or low-protein diet. 

One area that catches attention is sodium, which is listed at 150mg per serving. 

While this isn’t excessive, those watching their sodium intake due to health conditions such as hypertension should consume it modestly.

Total carbohydrates are fairly minimal at 2g per serving, adding a negligible amount to your daily carbohydrate quota.

Unfortunately, the sauce doesn’t significantly contribute to your vitamin or mineral intake. 

It’s safe to say that you should enjoy Dynasty Sriracha as an added flavor enhancer rather than counting on it as a nutritional supplement.

Do All Sriracha Taste The Same?

Despite common understanding, it’s a myth to believe that all sriracha sauces taste identical. 

Much like how Dynasty Sriracha holds a subtly different flavor profile compared to Huy Fong Sriracha, every brand brings its own unique twist to the table due to various factors.

Chief among these are the type and quantity of chili peppers employed in the recipe. 

Different chilies provide varying levels of heat and distinct nuances of taste. 

The type and volume of vinegar used also play a vital role in determining the sauce’s tanginess and overall flavor complexity.

Garlic usage significantly impacts the robustness and depth of flavor – subtle alterations in amount or type can result in noticeable changes.

Lastly, production methods greatly influence each sriracha’s final taste profile. For instance, aged peppers often deliver a deeper, more complex flavor than their fresh counterparts.

How Much Does Dynasty Sriracha Cost? And Is It Cost Effective?

The hot sauce market has been shaken up with the current scarcity of Huy Fong Sriracha, causing a ripple effect on other brands, including Dynasty Sriracha. 

Panic buying behaviors stemming from the scarcity have led to a hike in prices as retailers capitalize on the situation.

As of July 2023, a 20 oz bottle of this fiery condiment is retailing for approximately $17 at big-name stores like Walmart. 

Alternatively, you might manage to snag a better deal from lesser-known retailers such as Mill Valley Market or Lebeau Nob Hill via Instacart where it’s priced between $8 and $10. 

Yet, be forewarned that availability could pose a challenge as the sriracha shortage persists.

Wondering if it’s cost-effective? 

If you’re transitioning from Huy Fong’s Sriracha, the switch to Dynasty could seem reasonable. 

A 20 oz bottle of Dynasty matches the price range of Huy Fong’s 17 oz offering (considering it at its original price) and many find their tastes quite comparable. 

Nevertheless, if you’re chasing even greater savings without compromising on flavor, consider opting for less expensive brands like Sriraja Panich. 

With similar sizes and possibly superior taste according to some, it definitely adds another zesty option to your shopping list!

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