What Is Sriracha Salt Used For?

Sriracha salt is a versatile seasoning that can add an interesting twist to your favorite dishes like scrambled eggs, nuggets and even pizza.

It is made by combining sea salt with sriracha sauce — the popular Asian condiment that is made from sun ripened chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. 

Sriracha salt can be used in a variety of ways, from sprinkling it over your salads and snacks to rubbing it on your meat.

In this article, we will discuss more on what sriracha salt is, what it tastes like, how spicy it is and how you can use it in your cooking.

What Is Sriracha Salt?

Sriracha salt is a seasoning that is made by combining sriracha sauce and salt and letting it dry until it becomes granular or flaky. 

You can make your own sriracha salt by mixing sriracha sauce and salt in your preferred ratio and spreading it on a baking sheet. 

Then, bake it in a low oven for about an hour or until it is dry and crumbly. You can also use a food dehydrator or an air fryer to speed up the process. 

After drying, pulse the salt in a food processor to break clumps and there you go! You can store the sriracha salt in an airtight container for up to a year.

You can also buy ready-made sriracha salt from various brands or online stores. Some popular brands of sriracha salt are:

  • Gustus Vitae: This brand offers a sriracha sea salt that is made with sriracha powder and California sea salt and has a coarse texture. It is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and kosher certified.
  • The Spice Lab: This brand offers a sriracha infused sea salt that is made with pure sea salt and natural sriracha flavor from sriracha powder. It has a fine texture and a bright red color.
  • San Francisco Salt Company: This brand offers a sriracha gourmet salt that is made with Sea Salt, organic paprika, organic habanero chili powder, organic garlic powder, citric acid. It has a medium texture and a deep brown color.

What Does Sriracha Salt Taste Like?

Sriracha salt tastes like a salty and toned-down version of Sriracha sauce: salty and sour with a hint of heat and garlic.

It has a bright red color and a coarse or flaky texture. You can adjust the intensity of the flavor by adding more or less sriracha sauce to the salt mixture. 

You can also experiment with different types of salt, such as kosher salt, Himalayan pink salt, or smoked salt, to create different variations of sriracha salt.

Is Sriracha Salt Spicy?

The spiciness of sriracha salt depends on the amount and type of chili peppers used to make it. 

If you’re making your own sriracha salt, the more sriracha you add, or the hotter the variety you use, the spicier the seasoning will be. And vice versa. 

Likewise, for ready-made brands, the spiciness level will vary depending on the type of peppers used. For example, the San Francisco Salt Company’s sriracha sea salt is mild too hot because it’s made using ground Authentic New Mexican Chimayo Peppers and Habanero Peppers.

Overall, sriracha salt is a mildly spicy seasoning and it can help add some heat and flavor to your dishes without being too overpowering. 

Sriracha Salt Uses

You can use sriracha salt in many ways to spice up your meals and snacks. Here are some ideas on how you can use sriracha salt in your cooking:

  • Sprinkle some sriracha salt over your fried snacks like: fries, nuggets and onion rings. It will give them a spicy and tangy taste that goes well with ketchup or mayo.
  • Rub some sriracha salt on your burger patties, chicken breasts, or lamb chops before grilling or frying them. It will add some color and flavor to your meat and make it juicier and more tender (because salt like to pull out moisture).
  • Add some sriracha salt to your scrambled eggs, omelets, or frittatas for a spicy breakfast. It will enhance the flavor of your eggs and complement the other ingredients well.
  • Sprinkle some sriracha salt over your pizza before or after baking it. It will add some heat and flavor to your cheese and crust. You can also add some pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, or olives to your pizza for more variety.
  • Use sriracha salt as a dressing for your salads with greens, those having cheese, nuts or even fruits. You can mix it with some oil or acid like vinegar or lemon juice to make a tangy dressing. You also have the option of adding it to honey for a creamy and spicy dressing with some touch of sweetness.

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